MHFA India establishment is exclusively funded by Ram Charan, registered in the United States, functioning from New York, to enable the right environment for shift of knowledge and expertise, that has proved to have a positive changing impact in the life of society and country on the whole. Mental Health First Aid India has obtained the MHFA International license in the year 2017, to carry out the standard MHFA program, across the country. MHFA India is based in Chennai and is focused on mental health training, promotion, campaigns and research. Our team strongly believes that, the MHFA program will help our communities in improving mental health literacy, reduce stigma and motivate early professional help seeking.

By understanding the concepts on Mental Health, the Indian public would help with:

  • Bring down the fear and myth behind Mental illness.
  • Seek early and reach for appropriate interventions.
  • Talk about mental health.
  • Break the stigma that exists in our society.
  • Break down barriers to the support that people may need to stay well, recover, or manage their symptoms – to thrive in learning, work and life.
  • Prevention of suicide (even one life matters) which is dramatically high in our country.

Key People

Ms. Erinda Shah

Managing Director

Erinda Shah is the Founder and the Managing Director of MHFA India. She has completed her MASW and carries 18 years of experience in development field. She has been part of the national reform in decentralization and deinstitutionalization of mental health system in Albania, a WHO and Government of Albania initiative. For almost a decade, she has been engaged with various organization in India like UNICEF, ActionAid, The Banyan which has enriched her understanding on social issues in the country. She enjoys working on human rights, especially children.

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